[nsd-users] Set NSD to ignore, instead of refusing, external recursive queries?

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Mon Jun 19 10:38:11 UTC 2017

What do you mean? What is "off-path spoofing attacks" and how would ignoring a query instead of replying to it, make you more vulnerable?

Why does Steve Gibson ( http://www.grc.com ) say its more spoofing-resistant to ignore external queries instead of refusing?

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Ämne: Re: [nsd-users] Set NSD to ignore, instead of refusing, external recursive queries?

And make yourself more vulnerable to off-path spoofing attackers? That's a really bad idea.

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On Mon, Jun 5, 2017, at 23:24, Sebastian Nielsen wrote:
> Is it possible to tell NSD to just drop recursive queries, instead of 
> replying with a "REFUSED" message?
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