[nsd-users] Wrong source IP for reply if 'ip-address' is not specified

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Thu Dec 14 05:56:36 UTC 2017

On Wed, 13 Dec 2017, Anand Buddhdev wrote:

>> We have a different opinion on what is "normal behaviour". I believe the
>> normal behaviour is to reply using the IP address you received the
>> packet from, eg using:
>> err = setsockopt(s, SOL_IP, IP_PKTINFO, &opt, sizeof(opt));
>> or
>> err = setsockopt(s, IPPROTO_IP, IP_RECVDSTADDR, &opt, sizeof(opt));
> I don't know if these options are available in non-Linux socket
> implementations, and is probably the reason that NSD doesn't use them.

Yes they are, but apparently for freebsd you use IP_RECVDSTADDR.


      If the IP_RECVDSTADDR option is enabled on a SOCK_DGRAM socket, the
      recvmsg(2) call will return the destination IP address for a UDP data-
      gram.  The msg_control field in the msghdr structure points to a buffer
      that contains a cmsghdr structure followed by the IP address.  The
      cmsghdr fields have the following values:

      cmsg_len = sizeof(struct in_addr)
      cmsg_level = IPPROTO_IP
      cmsg_type = IP_RECVDSTADDR

      The source address to be used for outgoing UDP datagrams on a socket that
      is not bound to a specific IP address can be specified as ancillary data
      with a type code of IP_SENDSRCADDR.  The msg_control field in the msghdr
      structure should point to a buffer that contains a cmsghdr structure fol-
      lowed by the IP address.  The cmsghdr fields should have the following


There is really no excuse to answer using the wrong IP :P

> I know the questions will come, so let me try to anticipate them and
> answer them. Someone might ask why this isn't necessary with BIND. This
> is because BIND attempts to detect the capability of the OS it's running
> on, and compensate for the cases where these advanced options are not
> present. This may make it easier for an operator, but at the expense of
> more code complexity. I really do prefer NSD's simpler approach.

bind, powerdns, unbound and knot use these mechanisms. Someone should
really just fix is for nsd as well.


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