[nsd-users] unbound not accepting a stub or forward pointing to a loopback interface.

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2016-05-20 20:13 GMT-03:00 Måns Nilsson via Unbound-users <
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> Greetings,
> I've got a resolve server setup, using OpenBSD, unbound, and nsd. (hence
> the crosspost)
> The setup is as follows;
> unbound is listening on a loopback interface, lo1, using an address that
> is anycast, let's call it This address is configured as
> resolver in clients. This works.
> However, this particular machine is slated to go walkabout in a travel
> kit to a place where it might lose its connection. We still want it to
> work and keep on serving names, since some resources will be local.
> Therefore, we've got a nsd instance running on the same host. The nsd is
> slaving a number of the important zones we need off of the normal servers,
> and we intend to use stub/forward in unbound to prefer this instance --
> a lot of firewalling means we can't freely recurse from the root anyway,
> so such a setup is required regardless. We're forwarding to a pair of
> DMZ resolver hosts for external names, and to internal name servers for
> our own stuff.
> I initially tried to make nsd listen on using an extra
> loopback interface (in contrast to a statement by a PFY working at a
> Swedish ISP back in the dotcom bubble days, we feel that we can afford
> loopback interfaces... True story.) and it works. Half-way. I can dig
> @ and get excellent answers back. But unbound refuses to use
> the address, and returns SERVFAIL.  As soon as I make nsd listen on a
> physical interface on the host and change the unbound config accordingly
> so that it points to that address for forwarding/stub address, things
> start working.
> Is this an issue in unbound or OpenBSD (5.9)?
> Bonus question: Forward or Stub? I never really got through to understand
> the differences ;-)
> Thanks for any pointers in this.
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