[nsd-users] Additional section and minimal responses

John Bond nsd at johnbond.org
Wed May 11 13:12:05 UTC 2016

On 10/05/2016 19:16, Anand Buddhdev wrote:
> On 10/05/16 19:48, John Bond wrote:
>> I have set up an example.com zone on one of my server's to demonstrate
>> this.  The following query produces no glue records in the additional
>> section.
>> dig ns example.com. @ +bufsize=1440 +norec
> Right, so here, NSD isn't providing any glue. However... the recursor
> already has at least one address that it knows answers for example.com
> (because the response had AA), and this address is So the
> recursor should be able to follow up with A and AAAA queries to
> for all those NS records it got in the answer.
Ahh yes thanks
> However, if the response from had not been an authoritative
> answer, but rather a delegation, then missing glue would make resolution
> fail. NSD should recognise this, and set the TC bit in the response to
> encourage the client to come back over TCP.
So i created a delegation and i still receive no glue see the following

dig  ns sub.example.com. @ +bufsize=1444 +norec
dig  ns sub.example.com. @2001:41c9:1:41c::36 +bufsize=1444 +norec

This server will also allow axfr for the example.com and the nsd config
is available as here

Thanks John

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