[nsd-users] CNAME flattening

Hendrik Jaeger nsd at henk.geekmail.org
Tue Mar 15 16:58:00 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I was pointed to a blog post about CNAME Flattening[0] which, AFAIU,
technically boils down to this excerpt from the post:

»What we needed was a way to support a CNAME at the root, but still
follow the RFC and return an IP address for any query for the root
record. To accomplish this, we extended our authoritative DNS
infrastructure to, in certain cases, act as a kind of DNS resolver.
What happens is that, if there's a CNAME at the root, rather than
returning that record directly we recurse through the CNAME chain
ourselves until we find an A Record. At that point, we return the IP
address associated with the A Record. This, effectively, "flattens" the
CNAME chain.«

This seems like a very handy feature and I could have used it a couple
of years back as well, hence my questions:
Is there any plan to introduce this to NSD?
Has it been discussed already? If so, please point me there.
Could it be considered as a future feature please?

Thank you and best regards



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