[nsd-users] Minimizing size of response for ANY auery

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Tue Feb 9 18:14:25 UTC 2016

On 09/02/16 18:52, Daisuke HIGASHI wrote:

Hi Daisuke,

>   I wrote (embarrassingly) trivial patch for NSD4 to minimize
> size of ANY response as per draft-ietf-dnsop-refuse-any-00 --- When NSD
> receives ANY query for existing owner name it returns single RRSet
> (plus RRSIG) instead of all RRSets.
>   https://gist.github.com/hdais/25cb3fc86335026d40f0
>   To NSD developers:  I don’t expect that this patch will be applied
> to NSD mainline code since this practice is still in draft. Please
> consider to implement this feature after this draft is finalized.

It could be a run-time option, defaulting to false. An operator could
then switch it on or off.


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