[nsd-users] Log verbosity up to request/answer level

Jacques Lav!gnotte. jacques at lavignotte.org
Sun Dec 11 15:06:39 UTC 2016


I am a new comer to NSD. My question is probably a FAQ and the answer is
probably in the documentation.

NSD is version: 4.1.0 on a Debian 8.6

It looks like evreything is doing right, serving my home.zone

For testing purpose i am trying to get NSD to temporary log the

        do-ip4: yes
        port: 53
        username: nsd
        zonesdir: "/etc/nsd"
        logfile: "/var/log/nsd.log"
        verbosity: 3
        pidfile: "/run/nsd/nsd.pid"

Whatever the verbosity I set ( via the conf file or thru nsd-control)
I can get the question/anwer level logged.

I probably have missed something.

Can anybody help ?

Thanks, jacques

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