[nsd-users] NSD 4.1.11rc2 maintainers prerelease

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Aug 2 07:13:47 UTC 2016


On 02/08/16 07:17, Anand Buddhdev wrote:
> On 02/08/16 00:38, Jaap Akkerhuis wrote:
>> Which compiler? I don't see these with FreeBSD (various versions) compilers.
> I get these warnings on GCC 4.4.7, which is the default for CentOS 6.

Older, and newer gcc do not give the warnings about type punned
pointers.  I'll just wait for gcc to get updated, the warnings are spurious.

I have tried to fix the unused result warnings for the write and strtol,
and committed it in the code repository for later releases.

Best regards, Wouter

> Regards,
> Anand
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