[nsd-users] vague error causing nsd-3 to fail to start

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Sep 23 16:41:00 UTC 2015

On Wed, 23 Sep 2015, W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:

>>> Sep 22 23:27:21 inter nsd: nsd: nsec3.c:626: prehash_zone:
>>> Assertion `walk != zone->apex' failed.
>> That is from the NSEC3 code.  If you still have the nsd.db and
>> ixfr.db files (and config file), the bug may be replicatable?
> Never mind sending me the zones.
> Found the source of the bug.  One of the zones must have had a
> spurious DS record at the apex.  Code fix that ignores that DS record:

That would be odd, as it would be _passing_ through opendnssec and all,
since these are signed zones. I do have zones with test data and CDS
records though....


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