[nsd-users] vague error causing nsd-3 to fail to start

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Tue Sep 22 20:49:30 UTC 2015

I am seeing on a secondary server:

Sep 22 23:27:21 inter nsd: nsd: nsec3.c:626: prehash_zone: Assertion `walk != zone->apex' failed.

This caused the nsd daemon to fail to start (more than just rejecting one bad zone!)

Unfortunately, it does not tell me which zone is the problem.

I ran nsd-checkzone on the primary server for all zones and all zones pass with "ok"

This was on nsd 3.2.18. Upgrading to 3.2.19 did not help.

Removing all zone files and the nsd db did help.


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