[nsd-users] nsd manpages

Michael A. Peters mpeters at domblogger.net
Wed Aug 26 23:31:50 UTC 2015

On 08/26/2015 04:13 PM, Jan Stary wrote:
> Please allow me to just say aaaaargh.
> I am simply proposing to rewrite the manpages
> form one markup langunage to another markup language,
> which I believe is superior, for reasons better articulated elsewhere.
> I am willing to do the work.
> And now xmlt2whatever and docbook and all that hell comes.
> Please don't.
> 	Jan

Fair enough, my thoughts just are that if a change is going to be made, 
all the options should be looked at to determine what is the best.

Obviously I'm a fan of XML, I find it to be a beautiful concept, I'd do 
my zone files in XML if I could ;)

But that's just me.

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