[nsd-users] Initial request to server extremely slow after longer periods of inactivity

opendaddy at hushmail.com opendaddy at hushmail.com
Thu Apr 9 16:09:10 UTC 2015


I'm running this Rails app on a DigitalOcean FreeBSD droplet. Lately I've been experiencing extremely slow initial requests after longer periods of inactivity. Subsequent requests are fine.

At first I thought it was my PostgreSQL database or the Rails app itself, but now I see SSH connections made simultaneously with those initial requests are equally slow.

Could NSD be the culprit? Or my friend's NS2?

# cat nsd.conf

  ip4-only: yes
  hide-version: yes
  logfile: "/var/log/nsd.log"

  name: "mydomain.com"
  zonefile: "/usr/local/etc/nsd/mydomain.com"
  provide-xfr: $FRIENDS_IP NOKEY

# cat mydomain.com

$ORIGIN mydomain.com.

$TTL 3m

@ IN SOA ns.mydomain.com. od.mydomain.com. (

2013070501 1h 15m 1w 3m )

@ NS ns.mydomain.com.
@ NS ns.friendsdomain.com.

@ MX 10 mail.mydomain.com.

@ A $MY_IP

ns IN A $MY_IP
mail IN A $MY_IP
somename IN A $MY_IP

www IN CNAME mydomain.com.



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