[nsd-users] NSD 4.1.0 release

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Sep 4 13:54:48 UTC 2014

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Here is the NSD 4.1.0 release:
sha1 cb4ec496eaec5bfbd5b9f4b361da2a0a79d17030
sha256 ec3f6902f6f26a6b9248dcd7e9f42472fa52755740b4ba6b9d3bd08910b39b62

This release has new features and bugfixes.  In nsd.conf you can
configure database: "" this makes NSD not use the large mmapped nsd.db
file, but instead read and write the zonefiles in text format, which
saves about 50% of the memory usage.  Also zonefile reading and
writing has been optimised to be faster, as well as processing time
for zone transfers.  NSD writes the (changed) zonefiles every hour.

The new nsd-checkzone tool reports if a zonefile parses so you can check
it before reading it into the daemon.

A bug is fixed where NSD 4 causes rising load average and memory
consumption on Linux systems, which is caused by a bug in Linux that
slowly deteriorates system performance by repeated recursive forks.

- - database: "" starts without mmap of database.  Less memory is used,
  zones are read from text zonefile.
- - optimised zonefile parse code and zonefile write code.
- - zonefiles-write option in nsd.conf, enabled when database is "".
  The server writes changed zonefiles to disk every hour.
- - xfrdfile: "" disables xfrd.state.  If enabled, zones that are
  same as before are not checked for a serial update at server start.
- - include: "foo/nsd.d/*.conf" works, wildcard glob on includes.
- - nsd shuts down during init process if given signal.
- - log-time-ascii option, default yes, with readable timestamp in log.
- - nsd-control addzone reports if zone already exists.
- - Fix #564: add nsd-checkzone tool to check zonefile correctness.
- - Increased default --with-max-ips from 8 to 16, this increases the
  number of interfaces you can specify in nsd.conf to listen to.

- - Fixed shutdown message sporadically not printed on exit
  (Thanks Anand Buddhdev).
- - Documented zonefile %s syntax in nsd.conf man page.
- - Fix manpage to put colon after zonefiles check and write.
- - Change from "Zone" to "zone" with ".. serial .. is updated" log
- - Changed maxbackoff for no-content secondary zones from 4h to 24h.
- - Fix print filename of encompassing config file on read failure.
- - Fix delete or rename of a lot of zones and make it take a
  non-enormous time.
- - Speed up deletion of zone contents a lot, (56s to 1s), speeds up
  delete, rename and AXFR for zones.
- - Fix #571: unused variable and incompatible pointer warnings when
  compiled on a system without INET6.
- - Fix write_socket return value check in server.c (Thanks Brad Smith,
  Mark Kettenis).
- - Fix that xfrd reaps children also if the signal is lost.
- - Fix #577: makefile incorrectly installed manpages from srcdir.
- - Fix #587: Default value for statistics is 0.
- - Fix #553: Improve TXT parsing.
- - Fix #590: rrl log does not print wildcard as a star but escaped.
- - Fix #591: rrl log messages at verbosity level 1.
- - fix strptime implicit declaration error on OpenBSD.
- - Fix -O3 compile flag to -O2 to avoid miscompilations.
- - Allow user to override the -g -O2 CFLAGS in ./configure.
- - Fix endian.h include for OpenBSD.
- - Remove .LP after .SH in man pages.
- - Fix #600: document that provide-xfr provides AXFR and not IXFR.
- - Fix rising-load-average or memory-leaks in OSes (Linux since 2.6),
  that keep track of all past process parents, or leak memory
  for them.  Fix makes it so there is no very deep string of
  process parents.
- - The nsd-checkconf man page is installed (changed from 4.1.0rc1).

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