[nsd-users] NSD db permissions error after upgrade?

nsd at fongaboo.com nsd at fongaboo.com
Sun Nov 2 23:10:08 UTC 2014

I am running NSD on a FreeBSD 10 machine. It's not in production yet, just 
a beta.

I noticed last month NSD stopped running. Hadn't had time to dig into it 
till now. But discovered these errors in the log whenever I'd attempt to 
start it:

[2014-11-02 17:52:04.966] nsd[3900]: error: /var/db/nsd/nsd.db: Permission denied
[2014-11-02 17:52:04.967] nsd[3900]: error: unable to open the database /var/db/nsd/nsd.db: Permission denied
[2014-11-02 17:52:04.967] nsd[3900]: warning: failed to unlink pidfile /var/run/nsd/nsd.pid: Permission denied
[2014-11-02 17:52:04.968] nsd[3900]: error: server preparation failed, nsd could not be started
[2014-11-02 17:52:04.968] nsd[3899]: error: did not get start signal from main

It seemed to be similar to what was described here:


But the post is a year old, and I didn't want to blindly go changing 
permissions, especially since the post never implies their changes fixed 

I think the errors started happening when a system-wide pkg update was 
performed that updated it to 4.1.0.

I found your blog post about the new ability to disable use of nsd.db:


That seemed to work, but I am not sure if I just went around the problem? 
Does the blog post imply that nsd.db still should be able to be used if 
you so opt to?

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