[nsd-users] NSD 4.0.2 released

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Mar 12 14:49:49 UTC 2014

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Hi Eric,

This was supposed to be covered by this bugfix:
- - Fix that NSD will delete and recreate not-clean-closed databases.
Are you starting the new NSD?

The issue was that nsd.db was corrupted by unclean shutdown.  Delete
of that file and a restart fixed the issue manually.  This fix made
this automatic.

Best regards,

On 03/12/2014 03:40 PM, Eric Meddaugh wrote:
> Installed this, we us chroot for this, appears to not start
> anymore:
> Mar 12 10:30:35 cs2test nsd[18120]: ...stale pid file from process
> 17872 Mar 12 10:30:35 cs2test nsd[18122]: problems sending reload
> xfrdtomain: Broken pipe Mar 12 10:30:35 cs2test nsd[18122]: did not
> get start signal from main
> Did I miss something?
> ---Eric
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> Hi,
> NSD 4.0.2 is available, 
> http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/nsd/nsd-4.0.2.tar.gz sha1
> 0855a3a9613e36381cbc36bfc451fb5c92189acc sha256
> f90e1ac7d05ac0dbcef9d0abd629586eac0f166b96bcb36d5948bc3bb8ded51f
> This version fixes two memory leaks that would build up after
> repeated zone content loads.
> By default the use of the syscalls recvmmsg and sendmmsg is
> disabled, they give too much issues, e.g. endless loops with errors
> or failure to use IPv6.  They can be enabled at compile time.
> Nonhosted zones get the REFUSED rcode instead of SERVFAIL.  This
> is copied from other authority servers, so that there is identical
> wire performance.  In the past NSD started to give SERVFAIL because
> the upwards referral that was common at the time was not deemed a
> good choice (or good to implement), but the REFUSED rcode serves a
> similar purpose and is the behaviour of the other servers.  For
> hosted zones with problems, eg. secondary zones with bad data,
> SERVFAIL is still returned, this is likely useful for monitoring
> scripts and also clearly communicates the expectation of data (when
> it has been fixed) to interested clients.
> FEATURES: - Return REFUSED for queries to non-hosted zones.
> BUG FIXES: - Fix expired zones to give SERVFAIL, also when parent
> zone loaded. - documented nsd-control zonestatus output in
> nsd-control manpage. - remove mention of nsdc from nsd-checkconf
> manpage. - Disabled recvmmsg and sendmmsg usage by default because
> kernel versions have implementation issues: ipv6 ignored, security
> issues. - Detect libevent2 install automatically by configure, and
> use event2 header files if necessary. - Fix #551: change Regent to
> Copyright holder in the LICENSE, to match the definition on
> opensource.org for the BSD License. - Fix #552: zonefile loads on
> nsd-control reconfig when the name of the file has changed. - Fix
> leak of zone name after zonefile read and fix malloc too large that
> would be leaked in the radix tree. - Fix from 3.2: make SOA RDATA
> comparisons in XFR more lenient (only check serial). - Fix that NSD
> will delete and recreate not-clean-closed databases.
> Best regards, Wouter 
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