[nsd-users] Can't get pattern substition to work

Will Pressly will at edgecast.com
Sun Mar 9 18:55:48 UTC 2014

I am not around a machine where I can poke at your substitution problem,
but, from what you are saying about not wanting to do addzone, have you
looked at reconfig? Nsd-control reconfig will find diffs in sequential
revisions in your nsd.conf file and just apply changes to the running state
of the daemon. Eg: it will detect zones that are in a newer rev of the
nsd.conf (that were absent in an earlier revision) and add them
automatically. This works with deletes as well.

This way your nsd.conf file is the sole source of config input for your
daemon -- not nsd.conf and the zones.list file. This way you can just
explicitly add the zone name and path to the zones section of your nsd.conf
file without having to use patterns.

I will try to look at your pattern substitution problem later -- I have a
hunch, but do not want to suggest it here for fear of looking like a fool
:) That said, I assume you looked at your logs and checked for chroot
presence/relativization, right? Also, you might just try reconfig as I
suspect that will better satisfy your work flow requirements.

On Mar 9, 2014 11:25 AM, "Lew Payne" <lew.payne at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm upgrading to nsd v4.0.1 (from a six year old release).  I've crafted a
> new nsd.conf by hand, and would like to take advantage of the "pattern"
> feature.  I've read the man page, looked at the sample conf file, and even
> poured through the 16-OCT-2013 slide presentation.  My nsd.conf conforms to
> the required standard, yet there seems to be a failure when using
> substitution patterns.
> This fails...
> pattern:
> ....name: "solozones"
> ....zonefile: "zones/db.%s"
> ....provide-xfr: NOKEY
> zone:
> ....name: "whatever.com"
> ....include-pattern: "solozones"
> producing a "could not find pattern solozones" error.  I've also tried
> using "zones/db.%y.%z" as well as "zones/db.\%s" as the zonefile pattern,
> to no avail.  The problem seems to be in substitution (it would help if it
> showed the substitution/expansion in the error output)... because the
> following works:
> pattern:
> ....name: "solozones"
> ....zonefile: "zones/db.whatever.com"
> ....provide-xfr: NOKEY
> Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to work around
> this problem?  I want to hard-code (lock down) the zones into nsd.conf,
> rather than use nsd-control addzone (for PCI and HIPAA reasons).
> I hope someone brighter than me can spot why this isn't working.
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