[nsd-users] How to notify myself if NSD dies unexpectedly?

opendaddy at hushmail.com opendaddy at hushmail.com
Thu Mar 6 13:53:18 UTC 2014


I run this big site which has been down for days now without my
knowledge due to this:

[1393533384] nsd[1014]: notice: nsd started (NSD 3.2.15), pid 1014
[1394026594] nsd[1014]: warning: server 1060 died unexpectedly with
status 9, restarting
[1394026594] nsd[1014]: error: fork failed: Cannot allocate memory
[1394113596] nsd[1014]: warning: signal received, shutting down...

Restarted NSD manually just now and everything is fine. But does
anybody know of ways I can notify myself should this happen again?


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