[nsd-users] Disk Requirements for nsd4

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Jun 27 11:02:22 UTC 2014

Hi Wouter!

Thanks for the answers. I wonder is there a recommendation when to use
text zone files or when to use the nsd.db file?

I guess when using the db.file, nsd does not have to compile the zone on
startup. But maybe starting up is even faster when loading a small file
and then compile it, instead of loading the huge .db file.

So, is there a preferred mode?


On 27.06.2014 12:26, W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> On 06/27/2014 11:44 AM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I tested nsd-mem and it reports for my zone:
>> summary ram usage (excl space for buffers) 
>> 1.713.158.176 disk usage (excl 12% space claimed for growth)
>> But I think 1,7GB is not sufficient. My nsd.db file is 1,744 GB,
>> but I also need disk space for the incoming zone transfer (or for
>> local storage of the zone file) which is in my case another 120MB.
> Yes, if you want these files.
>> Further, may it happen that nsd recreates the nsd.db file and
>> during that process I need 2x 1,7GB disk size?
> No, it would not need 2x 1.7Gb during the recreation of nsd.db.  Just
> the 1.7Gb.  NSD4 would first truncate the nsd.db and then recreate it.
> In the development version of NSD4 you can set database: "" in config
> and then no nsd.db is created.  Thus 1.7Gb less usage, and the zone
> contents are read and written from the zonefiles in text format.
>> Final question: With nsd4 as slave, is it necessary or useful to
>> have the zone file in text format on the server? Or asked in a
>> different way: Is there any requirement or benefit of calling
>> "nsd-control write" periodically?
> If you are using an nsd.db, the text files are optional.  Only if you
> prefer to have text files on your server.  It may save time and disk
> space to not have the zone text files.
> If you are not using an nsd.db file (database: "" setting) then you
> must have text files, because that is what is used to store the data.
>  By default NSD then enables a timer of about 1 hour that spools
> changes to the zone files.
> Best regards,
>    Wouter
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