[nsd-users] Problems loading zone with nsd4

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Jun 26 13:54:02 UTC 2014

Hi Devin!

Thanks for your comments.

Meanwhile I use 8GB Ram, 8GB Swap, 9GB free disk space and it still fails:
Jun 26 15:49:36 bulgari nsd[30968]: mremap(/var/lib/nsd/nsd.db, size
1743911936) error Cannot allocate memory

The smaller (working) server has the same overcommit settings:

# cat /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory

Maybe the memory mapping hits some limits on 32bit OS.


On 25.06.2014 23:59, Devin Reade wrote:
> Quoting Klaus Darilion <klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at>:
>> Hi!
>> I just tried to switch from nsd3 to nsd4 but nsd4 fails to load the
>> zone. The zone is approx 170MB (Bind text format).
>> 10:17:59 nsd[4059]: mremap(/var/lib/nsd/nsd.db, size 1743910912) error
>> Cannot allocate memory
> [...]
>> The server has 8GB RAM, 512KB swap and 9GB of free disk space, and there
>> is plenty of disk and ram left when nsd logs the memory error.
> How confident are you on the "there is plenty of disk and ram left"
> statement?  In particular, you've got 8GB of memory available,
> virtually no swap, and you're trying mmap a file that is 1.7GB.
> I don't know how many processes are trying to mmap that file, but
> you've not got a lot of head room there.
> With respect to the other server working with fewer resources, do you
> by chance have overcommit disabled on the broken box and enabled on the
> working box?
> Also, compare the sizes of /var/lib/nsd/nsd.db on the two machines.
> Perhaps the working box is able to mmap because the db file is smaller on
> that one.
> Is allocating more swap on the broken box an option?  Other than using
> up disk space, having lots of swap isn't a downside as long as your
> paging rate is low.  That is probably true even if your swap is on
> SSD/flash; with a low paging rate, you shouldn't run into flash wear
> issues due to using swap.  Maybe add a swap file to test?
> Devin
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