[nsd-users] Fwd: Re: error: unable to load the diff file: /var/lib/nsd3/ixfr.db

John nsd at johnbond.org
Tue Jun 3 13:43:25 UTC 2014

Thanks for the quick response.

On 03/06/14 13:06, W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:
>> Secondly is there anyway to check the state of this file.
> The cron job is the best way to keep the filesize down.  If your
> filesystem simply cannot handle the size of the files then I do not
> know a nice solution with NSD3.
> With NSD4 there is a feature that saves disk space, the NSD4 version
> in development (in code repository), has a feature where you can set
> database: "" and then it does not use the nsd.db file on disk and this
> may save you a lot of disk space.  NSD4 would also not make ixfr.db,
> but store similar contents in /tmp/nsd.<pid>/ , but also delete those
> files when it has done working with them (which may save only a little
> disk space).
I was more wondering if there was a command i could run which would
enable me to do something like the following.

if ixfr.db is corrupt
	if disk full
		stop nsd
		rm ixfr.db
		if  we can delete some data
			delete old data and decrease log rotation
			start nsd
		stop nsd
		rm ixfr.db
		start nsd

Obliviously we have disk monitoring in place but there are occasions
where nodes are not able to reach us but they are still operating and
serving local regions.  In these cases we want to try and heal as many
know issues as possible and if we are not able to do this then just shut
down services.

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