[nsd-users] CPU and memory usage

Ed Y ednixengineer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 13:53:10 UTC 2014

Hi there,

I have an NSD 4.0.3 slave running on FreeBSD.  There are about 120 signed
(NSEC3) domain names in the db, which is 500MB.  Whenever the largest zone
file (89MB when signed) is transferred from the master, the CPU load on the
box sits at around 90% for several hours.  During this time nsd-control
zonestatus shows a different commit serial vs served serial, indicating
that it's processing.  If I remove all of the other zone files from
nsd.conf and just leave that 89MB zone the zone is transferred and served
in less than 1min.

FreeBSD (64-bit) is running as a VM with 10GB of memory, it has 2
processors with four cores each.

I found one past nsd-users email that indicated there was a problem in
4.0.3 with large zone files and that the next version allows a separate db
to be specified for large zones??

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