[nsd-users] How to add new zones to the slave on NSD 4.0

Emre Hasegeli emre at hasegeli.com
Fri Feb 28 14:16:12 UTC 2014

2014-02-27 18:50, Johan Ihrén <johani at johani.org>:
> I maintain my position that this type of problem is better dealt with outside the actual nameservers. We have a distributed infrastructure, network glitches are a fact of life, no control magic can remove that fact and then I'd rather have to deal with it explicitly than have it hidden under the hood as magic control goop that may or may not do the right thing if there's a serious outage.

I expected the new zones to be replicated, after setting the configuration
parameters under pattern. Maybe it is because of my limited DNS experience.
I do not think the workarounds are problem-free. Using a script for adding
and removing zones, would lead to operator error. Same treatment does not
required to reload them. Using the script can easily be forgotten.

Replication the zonelist file may be a better solution. It includes all
zones from all patterns. We can try it as we have only one pattern and
restarting the server is not a problem; but, while doing that we can also
rsync the zone files.

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