[nsd-users] NSD no receiving Notifies

Sofía Silva Berenguer sofia at lacnic.net
Mon Feb 3 14:35:07 UTC 2014

Thank you for your quick answer Anand!

I don't have:

allow-notify: <master>@53530 NOKEY

I have:

allow-notify: <master> NOKEY
request-xfr: <master> NOKEY

The master is listening on port 53. It's just NSD (slave) that is
listening on port 53530.

Should I have "allow-notify: <master>@53530 NOKEY" anyway?



El 03/02/14 12:29, Anand Buddhdev escribió:
> On 03/02/2014 15:03, Sofía Silva Berenguer wrote:
> Hi Sofía,
>> I'm having some issues when a zone is updated on the master. The master
>> sends the notifies to the right port (53530). I can see the notifies
>> with a tcpdump but NSD doesn't transfer the zone. I don't even see any
>> message in the NSD log saying it received the notifies. (the "verbosity"
>> parameter is set to 2).
> Do you have:
> allow-notify: <master>@53530 NOKEY
> for this zone? Without it, NSD will ignore the NOTIFY message from the
> master.
> Regards,
> Anand Buddhdev

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