[nsd-users] NSD no receiving Notifies

Sofía Silva Berenguer sofia at lacnic.net
Mon Feb 3 14:03:11 UTC 2014

Dear nsd-users members,

I've installed Unbound and Nsd on a Centos 6.5 server.

NSD is the secondary (slave) name server for some zones. The primary
(master) for those zones is a BIND server.

Unbound is listening on the port 53 and NSD is listening on the port 53530.

The master is set up to send notifies to the port 53530 of the slave
server. (also-notify <slave IP address> port 53530)

I'm having some issues when a zone is updated on the master. The master
sends the notifies to the right port (53530). I can see the notifies
with a tcpdump but NSD doesn't transfer the zone. I don't even see any
message in the NSD log saying it received the notifies. (the "verbosity"
parameter is set to 2).

If NSD requests the transfer (nsd-control transfer <zone>) the transfer
works. It just doesn't work when the transfer is support to be initiated
by a notify sent by the master.

I've already checked iptables and it is accepting connections to the
port 53530.

I've even trying stopping Unbound and setting up NSD to listen on the
port 53 just in case this issue has anything to do with the non-standard
port being used, but it didn't work either.

Is there anything else I could check?

Are you aware of any incompatibility between a BIND master and a NSD slave?

Thank you a lot for any comments/help you could provide.



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