[nsd-users] enumerate an ipv6 reverse zone in 2 minutes

A. Schulze sca at andreasschulze.de
Wed Dec 10 21:32:30 UTC 2014


till yesterday I thought it is impossible to find hosts in an ipv6  
subnet by asking the dns server.
At least if I use random interface identifier.

That assumption is wrong:  

dig @ns.nlnetlabs.nl. ns -> NOERROR
dig @ns.nlnetlabs.nl. ns -> NXDOMAIN

2 queries to tell: there is no host in the subnet 2a04:b900:1000:0::/64
                    there are no subnets in 2a04:b900:1000::/56

My question: would it be possible to modify nsd to answer queries in a  
different way?


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