[nsd-users] Unbound and NSD on same box?

nsd at fongaboo.com nsd at fongaboo.com
Fri Aug 8 03:23:28 UTC 2014

Thanks for the tip. I'm running this on an all-in-one hobby server. Now 
you have me thinking that when I had dual-use going on BIND that I had the 
same faulty setup in regards to AA bits.

On Wed, 6 Aug 2014, Patrik Lundin wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 06, 2014 at 07:54:06AM +0200, Patrik Lundin wrote:
>> It is possible, but not using the same address+port of course. One
>> solution is to have NSD only listen on localhost while unbound listens
>> on the external adress. You can then use stub-zone configuration in
>> unbound to make it use the localhost adress for lookups in any zone you
>> are serving from NSD.
> Just to be clear: this method works fine when providing data for a
> private zone. If you are supposed to publish the server as a source of
> authorative data via NS records then this is not an appropriate
> solution since the answers will not have the AA bit set etc.
> Regards,
> Patrik Lundin

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