[nsd-users] Unbound and NSD on same box?

Patrik Lundin patrik.lundin.swe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 05:54:08 UTC 2014

On Tue, Aug 05, 2014 at 09:12:37PM -0400, nsd at fongaboo.com wrote:
> Is it not possible to run both a caching lookup server using Unbound (in
> FreeBSD 10) and an authoritative server using NSD (installed from ports) on
> the same box?

It is possible, but not using the same address+port of course. One
solution is to have NSD only listen on localhost while unbound listens
on the external adress. You can then use stub-zone configuration in
unbound to make it use the localhost adress for lookups in any zone you
are serving from NSD.

This is what i do for my home network, for a production setup I would
rather keep authorative and caching DNS services fully separated.

> BIND used to perform both functions as I remember, provided you configured
> it as such. Does NSD also do caching?

No, NSD is an authorative only server by design.

Patrik Lundin

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