[nsd-users] nsdc restart trivia

David Croft david at infotrek.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 22:04:46 UTC 2014

We have been experiencing this too on every nsdc restart since our
upgrades to wheezy/nsd 3.2.5:

Apr 18 22:49:28 os4 nsd[26962]: can't bind udp socket: Address already in use
Apr 18 22:49:28 os4 nsd[26962]: server initialization failed, nsd
could not be started

It doesn't help that "nsdc running" has also been broken and no longer
correctly detects whether nsd is running (always returns 0 due to the
"return 1" being removed from the function "signal"), so the scripts
we've been using to
prevent this exact situation have also been failing to detect it exiting.


On 15 April 2014 21:10, Glenn English <ghe at slsware.net> wrote:
> On Debian Wheezy, running on a 2+ GHz 4 core Xeon, 'nsdc restart' just stopped nsd3. Adding a 'sleep 1' after the 'done' in nsdc's controlled_stop got it to stop and start.
> On a Raspberry Pi (with its built in sleep 1), it was fine...
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> Glenn English
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