[nsd-users] Possible fragmentation issue transferring larger zones over IPv6?

Daisuke HIGASHI daisuke.higashi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:28:58 UTC 2014


"setsockopt(TCP_MAXSEG, 1220)" will help if it is PMTUD or fragmentation

IMHO DNS responder should always do "setsockopt(TCP_MAXSEG, 1220)"
for all TCP sockets (or implement an option to setting MAXSEG size) to avoid
PMTUD/IP frags because:
 * PMTUD process may add more delay even if it worked properly.
 * ICMP TooBig (for PMTUD) or IP frags are often dropped at broken

Daisuke HIGASHI <daisuke.higashi at gmail.com>
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