[nsd-users] nsd-4.0.0b5(and rc2) and changing zone from master to slave ?

Jarno Huuskonen jarno.huuskonen+nsd at uef.fi
Fri Oct 18 20:56:19 UTC 2013


I'm doing some quick tests with nsd-4.0.0b5 and (rc2). And found
something strange when changing (nsd-control reconfig) one
zone from:

    name: 10.in-addr.arpa
    zonefile: /zones/empty.zone


    name: 10.in-addr.arpa
    request-xfr: NOKEY
    allow-notify: NOKEY
    zonefile: /zones/slave/10.rev

and doing nsd-control reconfig.
After reconfig nsd-control zonestatus still shows that
the zone is still master:
zone:   10.in-addr.arpa
        state: master

But if I do nsd-control write, then nsd writes:
[1382128657] nsd[13461]: info: new control connection from ::1
[1382128657] nsd[13461]: info: remote control connection authenticated
[1382128657] nsd[13461]: info: control cmd:  write
[1382128657] nsd[13461]: info: remote control operation completed
[1382128657] nsd[13504]: info: writing zone 10.in-addr.arpa to file

(the written file has same serial / records as the original master
(empty.zone file)).

Also after reconfig nsd accepts notifies from
[1382129263] nsd[13542]: info: notify for 10.in-addr.arpa. from
(but doesn't reload / update the zone).

Is changing zones from master -> slave supposed to work like this ?

(First commenting the master zone -> nsd-control reconfig -> adding
same slave zone -> nsd-control reconfig works).


Jarno Huuskonen

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