[nsd-users] Remote control a NSD3 server

Artom Lifshitz artom.lifshitz at enovance.com
Thu Oct 3 21:22:53 UTC 2013


I'm involved in a project that needs to remote control a NSD server. 
Since NSD3 has no remote control functionality and NSD4 will, I see a 
few possibilities to accomplish this:

1. Since the project is still in the early stages, simply waiting for 
NSD4 to be released is an option. My question in this case is:

     * Is there an estimate of when will NSD4 be released? Obviously no 
one can commit to a date,
       but is the time left before release measured in weeks, months, or 

2. Backport the remote control functionality from NSD4 to NSD3. My C is 
rusty, but I'm willing to put in the effort. My questions in this case are:

     * Is this technically feasible? If remote control is tightly 
integrated into NSD4,
       it may be futile to try to backport it.

     * Does this make sense time-wise? If NSD4 will be released before 
backporting is done,
       there's no point in backporting.

3. Write my own script that accepts commands over the network, modifies 
nsd.conf and/or the zonefiles, and SIGHUPs the NSD daemon. This is the 
"default" if 1 and 2 are impossible. It could also be a stopgap measure 
until NSD4 is released.

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