[nsd-users] nsd-control delzone on a zone that is defined in the nsd.conf

Will Pressly will at edgecast.com
Wed May 8 03:32:42 UTC 2013

Hello All,

I am trying to wrap my head around the rationale of the restriction on not
allowing nsd-control to delzone a zone that is configured in the nsd.conf.
What is the risk here? Is it more of an operational one where it will not
truly delete if a stop/start of the daemon occurs without modification of
the nsd.conf? I mean, if your workflow is to always update your nsd.conf by
removing entries for zones you are planning to delzone (and then blowing
away the zone.list file before start) -- then where is the problem,

I see the restriction only exists in remote.c, and it doesn't look like
deleting one of these zones declared in the nsd.conf would be much
different that one that wasn't (although I am probably missing something).

Can you help me understand this, please?

Will Pressly
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