[nsd-users] zonefiles-check error

Valentin Bud valentin at databus.ro
Thu Jan 24 09:56:18 UTC 2013

Hello World,

I have just installed NSD4.0.0b3 from source on a Debian Squeeze. I have
configured NSD4 with some basic settings like log file, user, IPv4 only
and enabled remote control. I also haven't add any zones yet.

When I try to start the daemon using `sudo /usr/sbin/nsd` I receive the
following error:

$ nsd
/etc/nsd4/nsd4.conf:104: error: syntax error
read /etc/nsd4/nsd4.conf failed: 1 errors in configuration file
[1359021176] nsd[6762]: error: could not read config:

On line 104 there is `zonefiles-check: yes`. If I comment that out NSD4
starts. I guess the error pops up because I have no zone files yet. I
will check this and come back with an answer. 

Thanks for such a great tool :-).

Cheers and Goodwill,
Valentin Bud

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