[nsd-users] EOF inside quoted string

Christopher LaVallee clavallee at edgecast.com
Sat Aug 3 00:23:11 UTC 2013


I found a problem with 4.0.0b6 Revision 4029. If a TXT or SPF record has an
extra " at the end of the line and I reload, "status" and "stop" are hung
up. I need to kill the process and restart to fix.

When in the bad state, nsd will still answer queries, but I can't reload
any zones, not just the one with the bad record.

Below are my steps:

$ sudo nsd-control status
version: 4.0.0b6
verbosity: 0

# Add a bad record to a zone file:

@             IN TXT "testing""

$ sudo nsd-control reload
$ tail -f /nsd/nsd.log

[1374267077] nsd[5648]: notice: nsd started (NSD 4.0.0b6), pid 5647
[1374267102] nsd[5658]: error: zones/test.com.zone:58: syntax error
[1374267102] nsd[5658]: error: zones/test.com.zone:68: EOF inside quoted
[1374267102] nsd[5648]: error: handle_reload_cmd: reload closed cmd channel
[1374267102] nsd[5648]: warning: Reload process 5658 failed with status
512, continuing with old database

$ sudo nsd-control status     (no response, need to ^C)
$ sudo nsd-control stop        (no response, need to ^C)

# Remove the bad record from the zone file. Can't reload.

$ sudo nsd-control reload    (no response, need to ^C)

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