[nsd-users] authority section blocking aaaa additionals

Lukas Wunner lukas at wunner.de
Thu Aug 1 14:18:53 UTC 2013


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:55:38PM -0400, James Cloos wrote:
> Can nsd be configured to skip the authority block?
> Or to put the additionals from the answer ahead
> of the additionals from the authority?

RFC 1035 section 6.2 specifies:

    When a response is so long that truncation is required, the truncation
    should start at the end of the response and work forward in the
    datagram.  Thus if there is any data for the authority section, the
    answer section is guaranteed to be unique.

And as per section 4.1 the sections are ordered thus:

    |        Header       |
    |       Question      | the question for the name server
    |        Answer       | RRs answering the question
    |      Authority      | RRs pointing toward an authority
    |      Additional     | RRs holding additional information

So the answer to your first question is a nameserver "should not" do that
and the answer to the second question is no.

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