[nsd-users] reopen log file?

Mariano Absatz - gmail el.baby at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 01:37:39 UTC 2012


is there a way to signal NSD to re-open the log file without completely
restarting it? (similar to what *unbound-control log_reopen* does in

I want to implement log rotation using logrotate and, after moving the
current log file to a new name I need nsd to close it and open it again
(using, obviously, the original name) which would lead to a fresh new log

The last resource, would be to restart the daemon, but most daemon software
provide some kind of 'reopen log' (some times in response to some signal
sent to the process (I see the typical SIGHUP and SIGUSR1 are already
used... maybe SIGUSR2).


Mariano Absatz - El Baby
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