[nsd-users] Build error of NSD4 on Debian Squeeze

Valentin Bud valentin at databus.ro
Wed Nov 28 07:20:05 UTC 2012

Hello World,

I am trying to build NSD4 on Debian Squeeze and I get the following
errors when running `make`.

$ pwd
$ make 
[... output omitted ...]
gcc -g -O2  -o nsd-checkconf answer.o axfr.o buffer.o configlexer.o
acket.o query.o rbtree.o radtree.o rdata.o region-allocator.o tsig.o
4_pton.o b64_ntop.o -lcrypto
configparser.o: In function `c_parse':
/home/wiz/src/nsd/tags/NSD_4_0_0_imp_5/configparser.c:609: undefined
/home/wiz/src/nsd/tags/NSD_4_0_0_imp_5/configparser.c:1358: undefined
options.o: In function `parse_options_file':
/home/wiz/src/nsd/tags/NSD_4_0_0_imp_5/options.c:144: undefined
reference to `c
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [nsd-checkconf] Error 1

I have done the following:

# Install prerequisites

    $ sudo aptitude install subversion libssl-dev autoconf make byacc
    flex bison build-essential -y

# Clone NSD Repository

    $ mkdir $HOME/src                            
    $ cd $HOME/src 
    $ svn co http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/svn/nsd/ nsd

# Generate `configure` program 

    $ cd $HOME/src/nsd/tags/NSD_4_0_0_imp_5
    $ autoreconf --install

# Configure 

    $ cd $HOME/src/nsd/tags/NSD_4_0_0_imp_5
    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc/nsd4
    --localstatedir=/var/run/nsd4 --with-configdir=/etc/nsd4
    --with-nsd_conf_file=/etc/nsd4/nsd4.conf -

I could use some help on this matter. Thank you.

Cheers and Goodwill,

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