[nsd-users] Multi-master mode NSD

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Tue May 15 11:03:44 UTC 2012


> > I've tried running NSD in multi-master for a while, permitting it 
> > to send notifications in both directions.  I was pretty certain
> > that this ought to work.  In practice, one host was a master and
> > the other was a slave.
> I do not understand what that means.  NSD should be able to perform
> the task you configure it for ...

I had the two nodes send updates bidirectionally, so that each could
serve as a master.  This is a normal path for replication, first there
is one node, then master/slave is made and finally master/master mode
is introduced.  I saw a possibility to do this with NSD.

I've not actually fed it with information from various sources though.
One of the nodes was in practice always the first one to process new
zone versions.  The only thing that probably was added is an update
sent back from the slave to the master, which I expected to be ignored.

To my surprise though, I've experienced difficulties stopping and
restarting NSD.  As Casper Gielen reported, the problem may also be
related to something else.

This is not a bug report -- merely sharing experiences.


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