[nsd-users] Multi-master mode NSD

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Fri Jan 27 10:50:38 UTC 2012

Hi Wouter,

I didn't know that loops are a problem in authoritatives,
and can't even imagine why.  Can you give me a pointer to
the comments and proposals about this?  I would think that
cyclic structures are never a problem if idempotence ensures
that updates won't cycle indefinately: "Oh yeah, I've already
seen that SOA serial number, I'll ignore it."

> > Q: Is it correct that editing a zone is possible with a sequence 
> > nsd-update ; nsd-patch ; vi ; nsd-update?
> nsd-update?

Yes, I was a bit rough; I should have said

	nsdc update #possibly
	nsdc patch
	ci -l "$ZONE"
	zonec -v -c /path/to/nsd.conf -z "$ZONE" -o "$ZONE"
	nsdc reload
	nsdc notify

As you said, this would indeed work to edit a file, even
if it has request-xfr: settings as well.

I'm pretty impressed that the structures in NSD are so
general, and clean, that they would allow this approach.

Clearly, I must weigh if there is a chance that NSD would
ever ban this approach before adopting it in my infra.


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