[nsd-users] nsd restart failed?

nsd at eurobyte.ru nsd at eurobyte.ru
Mon Apr 9 12:01:31 UTC 2012


after editing config file nsd.conf and restart nsd in log i see

[1333972197] nsd[32738]: error: xfr: zone domtest1.ru. not in config.
[1333972197] nsd[32738]: error: no zone exists
[1333972197] nsd[32738]: error: bad ixfr packet part 0 in
[1333972197] nsd[32738]: error: marked xfr as failed: xfrd: zone
domtest1.ru received update to serial 2012040900 at time 1333972146 from in 1 parts
[1333972197] nsd[32738]: error: marked xfr so that next reload can succeed

after removing /var/lib/nsd/ixfr.db and "service nsd restart" daemon
start working.

faulty ixfr.db i added to attr.

Please help with this issue?

Eurobyte Team

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