[nsd-users] CNAME for domain.tld failing

Bobb Voigt smyl at lyms.org
Thu Jan 6 21:01:20 UTC 2011

I'm sure this has been documented _somewhere_ but i've been unable to
find this, and every one i have talked to about has told me they just
use a wildcard, but this would also break some of my sites.

I want to point mirrorhosts.com to shared002.accesshost.us, and this
worked fine in nsd2, but after upgrading to nsd3 i get this error:

primary/vmp/mirrorhosts.com:15: error: CNAME and other data at the same name

if i was to use a wildcard such as:
* IN CNAME shared002.accesshost.us.

i would be unable to point example.com at shared002.accesshost.us. and
non explicitly specified names at shared003.accesshost.us

this is my current zone file for mirrorhosts.com:

$TTL 3600 ;authoritative data for mirrorhosts.com
@		IN	SOA	ns.o-line.net.	hostmaster.o-line.net. (
				2010041401	;Serial Number: YYYYMMDDxx
				3600 		;Refresh time
				600 		;Retry Time
				3600		;Time
				600  		;Minimum TTL
		IN	NS	ns1.accesshost.us.
		IN	NS	ns2.accesshost.us.
		IN	NS	ns3.accesshost.us.

		IN	MX	10	shared001.accesshost.us.

		IN	CNAME	shared002.accesshost.us.
www		IN	CNAME	shared002.accesshost.us.
webmail		IN	CNAME	shared001.accesshost.us.
master		IN	A

dist001		IN	A
dist002		IN	A

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