[nsd-users] NSDadmin - NSD web management interface

Dmitriy Demidov dima_bsd at inbox.lv
Tue May 4 16:09:55 UTC 2010

Hi list,

I made a simple, Web based management interface for NSD in PHP - NSDadmin.
It uses MySQL server to store DNS zones, TSIG keys, Users and other things.
Periodicaly it saves data from database into files and merges it in nsd.conf

You can find tar.gz archive and discription of installation steps here:

At this moment this is only "alpha" quality prototype made just for fun.
There is a lot of sharp angles. Interface and functionality is very simple and 
have a lot of bugs... But it just works on my testing NSD servers!

If you are interested - try it some there in testing environment and send to 
me you suggestion :) 

Good luck.

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