[nsd-users] NSD zonec performance patches

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Mar 31 14:04:22 UTC 2010

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Hi Martin,

I have looked at your patches and they look good. Here is what I did
with them:

- - I have applied the b64_pton patch without modification.

- - I have made the mmap patch configurable. You can enable it at build
time, with --enable-mmap. I have marked it experimental. By default off.

- - I have applied the parse-token-leaks patch the way it is.

- - I did not do the adaptive-rrtype-lookup patch. It changes lookup
behavior in favor of frequently used rrtypes. However, it's not clear to
me if this benefit the future lookups in all cases. In some cases it
might perform worse (for example zones sorted on rrtype).

The applied patches are now in trunk. Before releasing, they will
undergo another round of reviewing.

Thank you very much for your effort!

Best regards,


Martin Svec wrote:
> Hi Matthijs, Paul,
> I send you two more patches that slightly improve zonec performance.
> (a) parse-token-leaks.patch -- avoids unused calls of region_strdup and
> zoctet in parse_token. I believe it also fixes a memory leak in zonec.
> (b) adaptive-rrtype-lookup.patch -- tries to improve O(n) complexity of
> rrtype_destriptor_by_name(). Because I didn't want to rewrite
> rrtype_descriptors table from scratch, I added another table containing
> pointers to named rrtype_descriptors. In this table, frequently used rr
> types are automatically moved forward, which reduces the overall number
> of strcasecmp comparisons.
> The patches are public domain, without any guarantees ;-) They improve
> compilation time by few percents, depending on the contents of zone files.
> Unfortunately, I see no more room for (micro)optimizations in zonec.
> With all my patches, the profile looks as follows:
>     32.96%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] yylex
>      9.19%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] yyparse
>      6.35%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] label_compare
>      4.76%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] write_data_crc
>      3.55%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] b64_pton
>      3.47%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] parse_token
>      3.24%    zonec  /lib64/libc-2.10.1.so          [.] memcpy
>      2.49%    zonec  /usr/sbin/zonec                [.] dname_compare
>      2.33%    zonec  /lib64/libc-2.10.1.so          [.] __strcasecmp
>      1.98%    zonec  /lib64/libc-2.10.1.so          [.] _IO_file_xsputn
>      1.86%    zonec  /lib64/libc-2.10.1.so          [.] _IO_fwrite
> Yylex seems to be a great candidate for optimization, but most of its
> time is spent in the innermost loop generated by lex. The same holds for
> yyparse. And the other functions are below 6%...
> Best regards
> Martin

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