[nsd-users] NSD does not automatically start on FreeBSD reboot

Paul Hoffman phoffman at proper.com
Thu Mar 18 01:42:59 UTC 2010

At 12:59 AM +0000 3/18/10, Olafur Osvaldsson wrote:
>Being the NSD FreeBSD port maintainer I noticed this thread on the list (although I still didn't receive your report to me directly).  

Hrm. It was sent about a minute before this last message to the list.

>I have long ago stopped running FreeBSD+NSD setups but have been maintaining the port the best I can, its open for grabs if anyone is interested...

Others on this list? I'm not up to port maintainer skills, I believe.

>From what it looks to me I have to ask if you remembered to put nsd_enable="YES" into your /etc/rc.conf file?

Yes, definitely.

>The rc.d scripts do not have to end with ".sh", it affects how they are run, ".sh" scripts are sourced into the current shell rather than a subshell and the startup process will terminate if the script does, non ".sh" scripts on the other hand are not sourced into the current shell and do not stop the startup process if they terminate.  As far as I know this also applies to FreeBSD 6.0

I can assure you: the two scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d that did not end in ".sh" both ran fine when run from the command line by the root user, but didn't even try to be run during startup. As soon as I renamed them with .sh and rebooted, they came up fine.

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