[nsd-users] changing zones in the nsd.conf and 'nsdc reload'

Bryan Duff bduff at ecessa.com
Thu Jun 10 23:52:57 UTC 2010

If I add or rename a zone, 'nsdc rebuild; nsdc reload' does not work (me
adding zone 'test2.com':

//start snip
nsd # nsdc rebuild                                     
zonec: reading zone "test.com".
zonec: processed 5 RRs in "test.com".
zonec: reading zone "test2.com".
zonec: processed 5 RRs in "test2.com".

zonec: done with 0 errors.
nsd # nsdc reload                                                   
[1276213295] nsd[24483]: warning: signal received, reloading...
[1276213295] nsd[15882]: error: cannot load database. Zone test2.com. in
db /var/db/nsd/nsd.db, but not in config file (might happen if you
edited the config file). Please rebuild database and start again.
[1276213295] nsd[15882]: error: unable to reload the database:
Interrupted system call
[1276213295] nsd[24483]: error: handle_reload_cmd: reload closed cmd channel
[1276213295] nsd[24483]: warning: Reload process 15882 failed with
status 256, continuing with old database
//end snip


>From the README:
//start snip
To restart the daemon (should never be necessary, unless you do some
development work)

  nsdc restart

//end snip

Needless to say, I disagree with the README file; only 'nsdc restart'
seems to fix that little problem.  Only then does test2.com return
answers (via drill).

Looking at the code this seems to make sense.  'killall -SIGHUP nsd'
appears to only reload the db, but not re-read the config file (nsd.conf).


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