[nsd-users] nsd do not resolve .in domains

Roy Arends roy at dnss.ec
Fri Apr 23 08:31:55 UTC 2010

On Apr 22, 2010, at 3:36 PM, dny wrote:

> hi,
> i'm using nsd3 from debian lenny repo and all packages are up to date.
> all function almost as i wish with exception for .IN domain names.

Could it be that somewhere class "IN" is interpreted as the top level domain "IN" ?

For instance:

> i have this in /etc/nsd3/root.zone :
> $TTL   1D
> @      IN     SOA  @ none. ( 120 1D 10 3W 1W );
>        IN     NS   @
>        IN     A
> *      IN     A 

If in the above root.zone the CLASS "IN" is specified with no indentation, (i.e. no whitespace before IN) it would be interpreted as the name IN.

Check the 4th line above and see if the line starts with a whitespace.


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