[nsd-users] nsd, zonec and out of zone data

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 8 17:04:20 UTC 2009


I encountered a zone that has ns-ext.isc.org as one of its
nameservers. The zone file provides an A record for ns-ext.isc.org in
that zone. Bind will load this zone without issues, but nsd (well zonec)
will reject the entire zone due to an "out of zone" error.

I guess the entry is not glue. And the A record does not appear in either
the answer or the additional section of the reply, and I cannot query
for the A record with any of the nameservers for this zone, apart from
ns-ext.isc.org itself.

Why is there is discrepency between nsd and bind? Should nsd ignore
the entry and still built the zone? Should bind error out? This zone is
currently served using bind only, but will be served by nsd nameservers
in the near future as well. So for migration, this might cause problems.
I am also not sure yet what happens when nsd receives this entry via


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