[nsd-users] outgoing-interface: in nsd.conf

Antti Ristimäki aristima at csc.fi
Wed Jul 22 16:20:28 UTC 2009


I'm just wondering how the outgoing-interface: statement should work in 
NSD configuration. According to the man pages, it should work in an access 
control list style.

I can make it work as long as I set a single IP address to the statement. 
However, if I use a subnet address it doesn't work. In the log I have a 
following line:

xfrd: could not bind source address:port to socket: Cannot assign requested address

In the config, I have set "outgoing-interface:" and one of 
IP addresses on the server interface is The ability to use a 
subnet address instead of individual address would be very important, 
because we are generating the configuration automatically and it should be 
applicable to both of our servers.



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