[nsd-users] NSD 2 in Debian

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Thu Feb 26 12:00:06 UTC 2009

W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:

Hi Wouter,

> NLnet Labs promises to give a 2 year notice when support ends.
> (for the reader: our support program is described
> http://nlnetlabs.nl/projects/nsd/support.html)
> It was more than 2 years since NSD 3 was announced (5 sep 2006), which
> implicitly meant that support for older versions was going to drop.
> NSD 2 had its last release a little later (2.3.7, 16 april 2007).
> NLnet Labs is no longer providing support for the old NSD 2.x.  We also
> have not received any support requests for 2.x.  Therefore I would
> advise to upgrade to nsd3 and not package nsd2 in the new Debian.

I'm a little confused here. First you said that NLnet Labs will give a 2
year notice period when support for a particular product will end. I
haven't seen such an announcement about NSD 2. Please do point me to the
relevant announcement in case I missed it.

Additionally, the website also doesn't say anything about not supporting
NSD 2. Therefore, as an NSD 2 user, I have been under the impression all
this time that it is still supported, and am still waiting for the
announcement to say that support for it is ending.


Anand Buddhdev
DNS Services Manager, RIPE NCC

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