[nsd-users] reloading NSD zone configuration

Robert Martin-Legène robert at dk-hostmaster.dk
Wed Apr 29 08:43:51 UTC 2009

Greg A. Woods wrote:
> Apparently your users think the DNS is more dynamic than it really is!
> (and indeed more than it is meant to be!)
> 5 minute updates are more than adequate given the realistic minimum TTL
> for any record is 5m anyway -- i.e. use that as your justification if
> necessary.

You have some good points, but the picture looks different from other
perspectives, I and believe some customers are not seeing it from your

While TTL plays a role in some situations, I don't think this is one of
them. The Internet motto is "do it now". A reasonable question could be
"why do the user have to wait?" (today's answer is: because the computer
wants you to).

What we're seeing is, that people are working on a task to
register/redelegate a number of domain names and don't need the work
flow disturbed unnecessarily.

Some TLD's require the DNS to be set up correctly before accepting
requests for new domains or for redelegation of existing ones. If the
user doesn't have the domain name ready on the new servers when the
registry receives the request, they will reject it. So the user is often
only waiting for their DNS provider to created a ~10 RR-strong zone on a
few servers.

A name server handling hundreds or thousands of requests per second,
surely can create 10 RR's and a zone-cut "on the fly"?

I know I make it sound very simple, and it isn't -- But it should be :-)

If NSD can help deliver faster updates, it's market segment share will

Robert Martin-Legène
CIO, DK Hostmaster A/S
The .DK TLD registry

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